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              Core Corporate Values
              • Cooperation

              • Communication

              • Dedication

              • Progress

              • Innovation

              Corporate Cultural Events

              Q1 2017 Employee Birthday Party Held


              To show our care to our employees, enhance the employees’ degree of recognition and sense of belonging, help them fit into the Company and improve team cohesiveness, the Q1 2017 Employee Birthday Part

              Internal Trainings—Status Quo of Biotech Industry


              To better enhance the overall corporate management level, meet the requirements of corporate strategy, improve employee competence and create a total staff learningatmosphere, regular internal trainin

              Outbound Activities Organized by the Company


              To enhance the emotional interaction among the employees, develop their awareness of team working and enrich their sparetime life, the Company organized the outbound activities at the end of December

              Employees Joined the Mini-marathon


              The 8-km Mini-marathon was unfolded in Songshan Lake on March 27, 2016, 8:00 a.m., where our employees could be spotted. Led by the staff of Dongguan Biotechnology Industry Association, employees Xiao

              Fun Sports Meet


              The afternoon of August 26 saw the fun sports meet of Dongguan Biotech held in the Basketball Gym of Songshan Lake Experimental Primary School. The sports meet was organized to enhance the collaborati

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